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Concorde capital along with igor mazepa wins at a public auction in order to sell collateral-backed assets of nbu on DEBTX


How Igor Mazepa’s Company won the auction at DebtX

Svitlana Rekrut who is the head of the Ukrainian Deposit Guarantee Fund in the interview with Interfax-Ukraine said: “This public auction took place at DebtX which is located in Delaware, the USA. It was held on the 16th of January 2019. Igor Mazepa managed to sell a huge amount of assets and received 48.079 million hryvnias. There were two bidders which were involved in the auction. As we see Concorde Capital together with Igor Mazepa was the winner.

The head of the company Igor Mazepa told Interfax-Ukraine that Concorde Capital is the leader of the auction. Nevertheless, the ultimate agreement has not been conducted yet.

Svitlana Recrut added that the main assets were of Eurogasbank, comprising the Hotel Geneva in Truskavets and other expensive real property. Just a couple of weeks before the DebtX auction, the former owner of shares in Eurogasbank took out the liens, as a result of bankruptcy and the selling arrangement. To be more precise, the repeated registration occurred just before of the auction and Igor Mazepa definitely tended to take part in it.

As stated by the Interfax-Ukraine reputable source, the owners of the Geneva Hotel are a deputy Andrei Lopushanskiy (Blok Poroshenko’s parliamentary faction) and a former owner of shares in Eurogasbank Alexey Ivchenko. The book value of the assets was 6.5 billion hryvnias and initial price was 240.394 million hryvnias. It is not a surprise that the assets were purchased by Igor Mazepa at the minimal lot’s price.

The process of selling the asserts

All the assets that are put in a pledge by the NBU were recurrently displayed for sale individually on the ProZorro platform. They were not sold even after Igor Mazepa reduced their value to 20% comparing with the book value. The assets that weren’t sold were merged and transferred to DebtX and the First Financial Network that is located in Oklahoma City, the USA. Igor Mazepa had an intention to sell them like the Dutch model as fragment of a common experimental project of the Ukrainian National Bank and the Deposit Guarantee Fund. This way, the cernain pool of assets has been already displayed for sale in auction on DebtX and FFN approximately more than 18 months ago.

Eurogasbank was established in 2006. The principal owners of shares in 2014 were Alexey Ivchenko, with 39.6296% of the asserts, Galina Ivchenko with 31.9574% and Kristina Ivchenko with 17.7778%.

On the 17th of November in 2014, the National Bank of Ukraine accepted the resolution on the cancellation of the banking license and the insolvency of the bank.

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