Igor Mazepa: illegal financial pyramids and other frauds

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Fraudster Igor Mazepa repurchased borrowers for 0.8% of their cost

Fraudster Igor Mazepa repurchased borrowers for 0.8% of their cost

“Concord Factoring” in the assessment of Igor Mazepa

The assets of bankrupt banks for a colossal amount: more than 6.5 billion hryvnias were bought at an auction, which was held by the National Bank and the Deposit Guarantee Fund for individuals. The winner was announced by Concord Factoring LLC, headed by Igor Mazepa. According to the press center of the company, the trades were held in electronic format (on the US site DebtX).

The guaranteeing fund, dealing with the realization of a large portfolio of bankrupt bank loans, gets rid of problems. In February and March 2019, the five-year period stipulated for the liquidation of banks ends.

Until issues with unsold assets are resolved, the Fund is not able to perform all aspects of the procedure.

The success of the sales that the Fund makes has a positive effect on meeting the deadlines for liquidation, makes it possible to return debts to the state budget.

Igor Mazepa noted that the purchase of a portfolio of debts, the total amount of which is 6.5 billion hryvnia, is an important event. It symbolizes the beginning of a new successful year, which will bring significant results for the company.

Igor Mazepa – an experience of fraud

Igor Mazepa has long received the nickname of a cunning financier who knows how to turn all sorts of scams that bring him super profits. He founded his company Concorde Capital in 2004, and this happened at the height of the Orange Revolution.

Today, this structure has retained the status of the largest in the modern market, occasionally provoking scandals. Having become the founder of the site for the sale of securities in 2008, Igor Mazepa entered into a partnership with the Russian company Moscow Exchange, which acted as a co-founder. His “Concord Capital” painlessly survived the crisis, and all due to the fact that the owner simply did not pay the debts to banks. From 2007 to 2014, litigation took place, during which many banks tried to sue debts and restore justice.

In 2015, Igor Mazepa became the owner of the troubled business, which was taken as a pledge by one of the banks.

Some experts believe that such a purchase was only a cover for raiding. This is the “Vents” enterprise, with the fate of which is the scandal that broke out in 2016.

The machinations of Igor Mazepa are also known in other areas, where he acted as the author and initiator of many schemes. The journalists of the TV channel “2 + 2” discovered that he is the owner of a network of mobile terminals operating in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Through these systems, financial flows were made that went directly into the hands of the separatists. SBU tracked and blocked more than two hundred and fifty payment terminals in the hands of terrorists.

For the opportunity to work in the “republics” had to pay a tax of 15%.

Conditions for new scams

The scandalous Igor Mazepa, commenting on the purchase of a portfolio of debts, notes that he has quite a lot of experience in this market. He emphasizes that his company possesses the entire set of methods and mechanisms that allow professional restructuring of debts.

The head of the company also believes that non-standard solutions and approaches will be taken, perhaps, with their introduction, new ways for machinations will be opened.

Svetlana Rekrut, Deputy Managing Director of the FGVFL, reported that the pool was sold for $ 48.08 million. This is only 0.8% of the pool’s nominal value. A smart entrepreneur and a machinist are good at counting money and preying on other people’s problems.

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