Igor Mazepa: illegal financial pyramids and other frauds

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Igor Mazepa: A Widely Known Fraudster and His Main Fraudulent Activities

Igor Mazepa: A Widely Known Fraudster and His Main Fraudulent Activities

Igor Mazepa was born in 1976. He is a businessperson in Ukraine and throughout his career; he has been involved in several shadow schemes that have robbed people. This article will talk about how he became very popular as both a businessperson and a scammer.

More about Igor Mazepa

The primary business, which Igor Mazepa has been running, is his Concorde Capital Investment Company. Throughout his career, he became famous for fraud.

Mazepa graduated from an Economics institution at Kyiv after which he was offered a job at the Prospects organization. This organization’s role was to buy vouchers for individuals at an affordable cost. The employees had not received their salaries for quite some time, and that made Mazepa get high commissions.

Working at a New Company

Mr. Mazepa began earning a lot of money after some years when he started working at a more prominent organization that purchased assets of organizations in Ukraine.

Mazepa, however, got fired in 2002 because he lost assets during significant privatization. Interestingly Mazepa went to work at Prospects investment Company again, and some years later, his primary career began.

Concorde Capital Investment Company

Igor Mazepa founded Concorde Capital Company with a capital of $ 50,000. This company multiplied, probably because it was meant for ready-made deals. Within two years, Concorde’s income was almost two hundred and fifty million dollars.

Becoming Wealthy and Getting Involved in Fraud

Since the start, Mr. Mazepa began acquiring assets of several organizations for oligarchs in Ukraine.

In the year 2015, he acquired the Forex Trend organization, which belonged to Pavel Krymov. This organization was reincarnated in PrivateFX. Forex Trend operated correctly for five years, but it threw so many investors into a lot of money.

Getting the money back was not possible especially since PrivateFX replaced Forex Trend. The customers of Forex Trend were given a one plus one scheme of withdrawing their investments. The customers were required to deposit funds whose total was equivalent to the amount they had lost at Forex Trend. They were promised that they would receive a doubled amount at PrivateFX.

The investors believed the new scheme would work because Igor Mazepa had a good reputation, and his investment company had operated excellently for almost ten years.

Unfortunately, PrivateFX later halted payments, and this made the investors angry. Igor Mazepa even sold PrivateFX to an offshore organization named PrimeBroker, and he explained that the project never met his expectations.


Igor Mazepa has been involved in several other fraudulent activities besides that of PrivateFX scam, but he still believes he is a great business person. He is even looking forward to joining politics so that he can have more power.

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