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Igor Mazepa Advises New President to Leave Business Alone

gor Mazepa Advises New President to Leave Business Alone

When the new President was elected, Igor Mazepa, CEO of Concorde Capital Investment Company, rushed to introduce his concept of creating a favorable investment climate. It’s based on the idea of government’s non-interference in business. He claims that as soon as the authority stops creating artificial hardships for starting and doing business, free movement of capital will be flawless. For this purpose, states enterprises shouldn’t have preferences and become a feeder for bureaucrats but work for the benefit of the economy.

In other words, Igor Mazepa insists that the market monopoly should be eliminated to stay open for new players. The rules should be the same for everybody regardless of business size, the ownership structure, and the amount of funding.

7 President’s Steps to Improve Investment Climate

What arrangements, according to Igor Mazepa, the new president should make to ensure business improvements?

  1. Save the National Bank’s independence within monetary policy and constructive relations with the International Monetary Fund to provide macroeconomic, financial, and exchange rate stability.
  2. Relaunch the judicial system to protect the residents’ rights and freedoms, and to make judges responsible for unlawful decisions that cause harm to the business.
  3. Eliminate economic departments in different law enforcement agencies. In addition, Igor Mazepa stresses the necessity to arrange a single body that delivers investigations within the economic field, as International Monetary Fund demands from us.
  4. Tighten the fight against monopolies to prevent competition’s limitation on any markets. The Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee should be at the forefront of the business issues and consumers’ rights in every field of economic activity.
  5. Strengthen the creditors’ rights to protect our financial system from risks that tend to grow because of the unconscious borrowers. Igor Mazepa is sure that it’s crucial to restore confidence in the financial services market, as well as the credibility of the financial system itself.
  6. Bring order to the sector of state companies and develop a privatization program to attract investments that state establishments usually lack. Independent supervisory boards should manage those state enterprise assets that are not subject to privatization. This will help to execute them professionally and to make them work for the country’s prosperity.
  7. Initiate agricultural land market opening to leave the blacklist of countries where the citizens’ rights to property are restricted. Besides, this step ensures more investments in the agriculture and food industry, as well as protects our lands from barbarous utilization.

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