Igor Mazepa: illegal financial pyramids and other frauds

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Igor Mazepa: The Controversial Businessman And Fraudster

Igor Mazepa, an owner of Concord Capital, is heard to serve not only the business interests of Ukrainian oligarchs but also senior officials. Since 2016, the banker has been managing assets belonging to the family of the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko.

Business Limitations for Ukrainian Politicians

Since 2014, owning a business in Ukraine has become incompatible with being a Ukrainian official. For this reason, they learned how to hide their business assets with the use of business connections.

Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Laws stipulate that officials must get rid of their private interests within 10 days after taking office.

Such a well-known business shark as Igor Mazepa has a reputation as a loyal servant to the interests of Ukrainian officials. He is doing dirty work for them, that is, buying up and selling assets of enterprises.

The Scandalous Business of the Minister of Internal Affairs

Yuri Lutsenko was known to be an owner of the Ukrainian Newest Telecommunications company (UNTC LLC) that was providing data transmission services for the mobile network operator UMC operating in Ukraine since 2005.

While it has been purchased by Igor Mazepa, Ukrainians still continue to associate the name of the company with the Lutsenko family.

The Changes in Political Regimes

When the Yanukovych regime began, Yuri Vitalievich was accused of taking possession of state property on a large scale. The court sentenced the former minister to 4 years in prison with confiscation of personal property. In 2013, Yuri Lutsenko was granted amnesty, and after the Revolution of Dignity, he was rehabilitated as a political prisoner.

The second Maidan put Lutsenko on the crest of a wave of big politics. He was appointed on the post of Prosecutor General. Here is when Igor Mazepa appeared.

The businessman bought out UNTC, but, similar to other purchases, he remained not a real but nominal business owner. The company was even registered at the same address where the City Connect business center (Lutsenko’s company). It means that nothing has changed in fact. The UNTC rented an office where one of Lutsenko family’s companies was located.

Profitable Real Estate

At some moment, it turned out that Alexander Lutsenko earned on renting 6 apartments and 2 non-residential premises of a building in Pechersk district. This real estate officially belonged to an old woman from the Kyiv region Svetlana Ryzhenko. By a strange coincidence, she worked as an accountant under the leadership of Irina Lutsenko at the UNTC company that today is owned by Igor Mazepa. The pensioner allegedly acquired real estate in 2009, when Yuriy Lutsenko worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It was not clear for what funds the woman purchased apartments in Pechersk. This scandal was solved by Gleb Zagory. He was a political partner of Irina Lutsenko in the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the owner of the pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa” as well as a business partner of Igor Mazepa.


A partnership of Igor Mazepa and Yuriy Lutsenko confirms once again that there are no random people in political circles. It is unlikely that there would be a better candidate for a profitable sale of Prosecutor General’s business assets than Igor Mazepa.

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