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Igor Mazepa: Family Or Money And The Most Important Life Values

Igor Mazepa: Family Or Money

The company Concorde Capital belonging to Igor Mazepa has been operating on the market for quite a long time. She has survived an economic crisis and other difficulties.

Igor Mazepa is convinced that only constant learning and ability to overcome oneself can lead to success. Those who do something new and interesting every day always make a step to a better future. Today, Mazepa conducts all sorts of business training for young people to help them start their own business.

What does Igor Mazepa’s personal life look like? The investment banker doesn’t bring these topics on public display.

Igor Mazepa about decency and his family

Mazepa firmly believes that everyone has his own moral principles. He often says that if you act unfairly towards someone, you should be prepared for such an attitude towards yourself. As for the family and raising children, Mazepa thinks that the child himself is able to understand what he needs.

By the way, Igor Mazepa whose son now receives alimony from his father, from the very beginning paid much less than he should. His wife said that she had never seen the millions of his husbands. And even when solving the conflict a certificate from Igor’s workplace indicated that his salary did not exceed even 10,000 UAH. So, the amount of alimony could not exceed 2,500 UAH. Although, over time, Mazepa decided to give his son $ 400.

About divorce and property

His former wife said that he was not interested in anything but money. But in his interviews, he claimed that self-realization, family and environment were important to him.

Igor gave his apartment to one of his subordinates. Big money was not even mentioned in the documents. The businessman didn’t comment on why the divorce looked that way. Igor’s wife filed for divorce and she expected to get half of the corporate rights and assets of Concorde Capital.

How Mazepa spends his free time

Igor Mazepa believes that it is impossible to work all the time. That is why he often travels, rests and has a lot of interesting hobbies including skiing, equestrian sport and football. He is also interested in reading. Igor Mazepa whose personal life is not publicized or commented tries to fully develop himself. According to him, he is not afraid of any crisis or loss of clients. The businessman is convinced that in the crisis he can rely on his partners, that is, oligarchs.


It seems Igor Mazepa is a businessman with contradictory views on how personal life and work should be combined. It can also be concluded that self-development is the most important thing in life. The same applies to business which requires putting in a lot of effort.

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