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Igor Mazepa – Religious Mess in the Head as an Ignorance or a Cover for Sociopath?

Igor Mazepa – Religious Mess in the Head as an Ignorance or a Cover for Sociopath?

Igor Mazepa managed to be famous due to his financial “feats” in reselling shares but he is still a “dark horse” in terms of his religious preferences. Let’s try to sort it out in order to reveal not only his relationships with God but his family ideology as well.

Scientology – Hidden Background

Igor Mazepa can hardly be defined as a selfless person but as a businessperson, whose idol is money. “If the cash is there, we don’t care” is his motto in life. No wonder the Scientology became his asylum that is banned in plenty of countries.

The adherents attract with beautiful ideas of the man’s almost inexhaustible potential but require rather impressive investments from newcomers. Those that refuse to pay disappear or die oddly. Igor Mazepa didn’t immerse in the sect but has a partnership with its founder John Saggit in order to raise money and to establish profitable links.

Ontopsychology as a Crime Screen

Then, after 2004, the charismatics stormed into society and Ontopsychology was one of them. This sect accepted only the members of high society to instill the ideas of totalitarianism. That was close to Igor Mazepa’s manner of managing a business that’s why he started hanging out around the heads of the sect for his advantage.

Igor Mazepa used the Ontopsychology’s postulates to solve his own problems. He divorced with his wife and took their son away without any material compensation recalling the sect’s dogma of the mother’s discard for the child. He forced his employees to work long hours accepting the idea that the “leader stands above morality”. He justified his promiscuity hiding behind the rather specific Ontopsychology’s philosophy that sex is in the priority but not with the wife.

To Cut a Long Story Short for Igor Mazepa

Sometime later Igor Mazepa tempered his enthusiasm and retreated from both Scientology and Ontopsychology. He managed to bury and to deny all the facts and documents that would compromise him. A cynical and Machiavellism of such actions make a stress not only on the way he runs a business but also on his personal attitude to the women, family, and employees. So, Igor Mazepa could be called the impartial in his insight into human and business priorities and practices.

The scary and unfair part is that he goes on with doing business with the top of Ukrainian higher-ups. His drive for sects and philosophies that are degrading or offensive to personal integrity in terms of gender or status reveals his thirst for domination and getting everything at any cost, whether it deals with money, power or sex.

Igor Mazepa worldviews and actions are very similar to Seko Asahara, Marshall Applewyte and Charles Menson’s ones that led all of them to a bad end.

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