Igor Mazepa: illegal financial pyramids and other frauds

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Igor Mazepa, The Face Behind Many Schemes Riddled by Corruption

Igor Mazepa, The Face Behind Many Schemes Riddled by Corruption

Igor Mazepa, the well-known businessman and political affiliate are still under the heat for the several schemes he’s rumored to be the mastermind behind. He is well known for his role in several Ponzi schemes and shady business dealings. His affiliation of Boris Lozhkin and Petro Poroshenko are rumored to be both the driving force and the umbrella under which many of his illegal business dealings operate. This is widely known to the Ukrainian people and over time the mistrust has festered into a large combination of allegations both against him and against Boris Lozhkin.

The Private FX deals

Igor Mazep a is the brain behind the formation and development of Private FX which turned out to be a Ponzi scheme that gave rise to another of its kind, the ‘Forex Trend’. The company was running smoothly for a few years until clients realized that they had stopped receiving payouts. This started a nationwide problem although the real root of the problem was orchestrated under the Forex Trend and Pavel Crymov. Even with the destruction of the company, Igor Mazepa managed to escape unscathed with only a scratch on his previously strong reputation. This was one of the ways he was alleged to pull himself away from any deals that led back to him under any circumstances.

The seat of money and well-covered tracks protect him from any direct allegations. He, however, spoke to the people involved that if they could give money worth $1000 they would get their money back and then some. Soon after, he declared bankruptcy and so was unable to pay the people back their money. The law was unable to indict him for the fraudulent act but he was never left off the hook with the court of the people.

Other damning acts

Igor Mazepa turned several schemes into money to deepen his pockets. Regarding issues from the sale of counterfeit goods to the stealing of confidential material, Igor Mazepa would be known as Ukraine’s most cunning scammer. He has even been implicated in the transferring of revenue from third-party businesses to finance his own gain. It is most unfortunate that he has not been caught and put behind bars.

In interviews when Igor Mazepa is asked about his businesses and schemes, he puts up a demure attitude which is almost credible and can throw off any suspicions. During these same interviews, Igor Mazepa is said to have lofty ideas about the judicial system in Ukraine.

There is no telling what he and his colleagues might be implicated in next, but one thing is true, that real investigations need to be made to substantiate all the claims brought against him.

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