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Igor Mazepa, the Regular Member of Scam Combinations

Igor Mazepa, the Member of Scam Combinations

Concorde Capital appeared in several scam scandals lately. The founder of the company, banker Igor Mazepa, is a part of regular rumors containing information about financial dark schemes. However, the company is the investment business which primarily specializes in real estate based in Europe. It’s been the major financial organization since it’s been founded in 2004. It invested in the most famous oil, agricultural, gas, and pharmaceutical companies. Nowadays, it’s a famous organization and serious market player but it’s not the first successful financial sector experience for the founder. He started at Prospect investments, IC Foyil Securities, and IC International Financial Corporation. And after he established Concorde Capital, Mazepa was employed at Alfa-Bank. But this fact never disturbed him when he worked over another machination. Nowadays, the investment company is associated with corruption schemes and the number of rumors is increasing.

Concorde Capital and Scam Machinations

Concorde Capital is considered to be a highly corrupted organization. There were many rumors around it but in 2015 the corporation was in a center of a horrible scandal. Igor Mazepa and the organization were the part of a machination with hackers and financial data of some investors. According to this info, traders had to get around $ 100 million. The investigation uncovered that Concorde Bermuda Ltd, the branch of Concorde Capital, planned this machination. The court of New Jersey obliged Igor Mazepa to pay $ 4.2 million.

Igor Mazepa Participates in the PrivateFX Machination

After Forex Trend was broken, the Concorde Capital established a familiar PrivateFX broker. Soon, their clients started complaining that they can’t get their funds from the organization. They insisted that PrivateFX doesn’t return their finances. Numerous complaints couldn’t return the investors their money, and, after the firm was sold to Prime Broker, it became an impossible mission. Igor Mazepa gave all rights to new owners and escaped the liability. The investors tried to get money from Prime Broker but it was a failure again because the company doesn’t have any rights to maintain old operations. This is how the Concorde Capital founder scammed people, got money, and stayed clean again.

Pavel Krymov and the PrivateFX Machination

Pavel Krymov took an important part in this scam scheme during the term of Forex Trend demise. His bloggers started writing about the possibilities of Igor Mazepa’s PrivateFX while Forex Trend clients were searching for new financial opportunities. Actually, he converted this company into PrivateFX and offered people to transfer their budgets on the accounts of the new organization. They would be glad to increase their balances and get profit from the investment, so, they willingly became the clients of PrivateFX. People got their money until 2016 when the first complaints started appearing. But PrivateFX actively participated in the 17th International Investment Show and Financial Expo in Moscow, and that fact calmed down clients a little bit.

Things got worth when they sold the organization to Prime Broker. Neither Mazepa nor this broker was going to return investors their finances. What is more to say, Prime Broker is not available since March 2018. Igor Mazepa and the company still owe people around $ 18 million and only a miracle can help the clients to get their budgets back.

About the author

Igor Mazepa, Ukrainian investment banker, CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital, the leading investment bank, reliable partner for investors with more than 20 years of experience.Concorde Capital processed transactions for the leading Ukrainian companies Galnaftogaz, First Private Brewery, Milkiland, TMM, UMH, etc. Igor Mazepa’s Company has attracted more than $3 billion in capital for Ukrainian companies in the metallurgical, oil & gas, chemical, agricultural, automobile, pharmaceutical and real estate sectors.

Last Update: November 15, 2018

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